Money, Money, Money…

February 22, 2008


Barack Obama likes to use the word ‘disingenuous,’ perhaps because he wrote the book on it. The definition of disingenuous is; lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere: His excuse was rather disingenuous. Much of Barack Obama’s campaign thus far fits well within Read the rest of this entry »


NY Times front page article finally examines one of Obama’s many lies…

February 21, 2008

a_bomb2.jpgThough it’s several months too late, at least it’s here. The NY Times article examines Obama’s contention, which he heavily campaigned on in Iowa, that he passed a bill in Senate to require all plant owners to notify Read the rest of this entry »

Hillary Response to Obama’s Wisconsin Ad

February 15, 2008

Clinton Campaign Responds to New Obama Ad in Wisconsin

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Maybe Obama is confused about the meaning of truth?

February 15, 2008

Relating to an earlier post on Obama’s supposed “not cashing in,” this investigative video from gives even more detail.

Hi Obama, I’m truth. Have we met?

February 15, 2008

liar-730096.jpgAs we’ve documented here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, Obama has a loose relationship with the truth. There is an email circulating that grossly misrepresents Hillary’s legislative record, as well as the record of Sen. Obama. (Various versions appear on the Obama campaign website here, here, and here.) Read the rest of this entry »

A purpose driven candidate?

February 12, 2008


As Barack Obama says, he stands for “change we can believe in,” a dynamic platform creeping into the rhetoric of many contenders, and notably shared by Republican Mit Romney.

As it turns out, standing for change without committing to much in particular (in public discourse) allows voters to give “change” any meaning they wish, and as evidenced by Obama’s support from groups with markedly Read the rest of this entry »

The Paranoia of Obama

February 1, 2008

This is a great video from the British liberal newspaper The Guardian showing just how “open” and “new” his campaign is. Give it a few minutes before it gets good…

Click here.