Why Matt is against Obama…

February 29, 2008


Matt Gonzalez is the former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and is best known for nearly winning the San Francisco mayoral race as a Green party candidate. At a time when so many progressives have been duped by Obama’s false prophecy, Matt’s recent article is a breath of fresh air.

The Obama Craze: Count Me Out

by Matt Gonzalez, 2008-02-27

Part of me shares the enthusiasm for Barack Obama. After all, how could someone calling themself a progressive not sense the importance of what it means to have an African-American so close to the presidency? But as his campaign has unfolded, and I heard that we are not red states or blue states for the 6th or 7th time, I realized Read the rest of this entry »


NY Times front page article finally examines one of Obama’s many lies…

February 21, 2008

a_bomb2.jpgThough it’s several months too late, at least it’s here. The NY Times article examines Obama’s contention, which he heavily campaigned on in Iowa, that he passed a bill in Senate to require all plant owners to notify Read the rest of this entry »

Why I’m against Obama…

February 20, 2008

obama4.jpghillary-book-797198.jpgRecently I received an email from a friend who supports Obama asking why I am not also an Obama supporter, and how I can be for Hillary. I’ve been asked this numerous times during the past several months, and since I don’t have time to respond to everyone of you, I thought I’d post my recent response to my friend. Yes, we are still friends despite this rift, it can be done…

I’m for Hillary and against Obama for Read the rest of this entry »