Obama, Wellstone a “gadfly.”

March 6, 2008

obama_3.jpgI watched with nausea as Obama spoke a while back in Minneapolis and praised and praised the popular former senator from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone, who unfortunately was killed several years ago in a plane crash.

I couldn’t help but think of David Sirota’s article about Obama in The Nation, Mr. Obama goes to Washington, in which Obama refers to Wellstone as a gadfly.  Gadfly is defined as; a persistent irritating critic; a nuisance.

In a similar vein and a must read is Harper’s Magazine’s, Barack Obama Inc.


The Obama/NAFTA Lie..

March 3, 2008

obama_healthcar_ms.jpgI know, it’s hard to keep Obama’s lies in order, I’m going to have to start some sort of labeling system…

The NAFTA lie we pointed out here, has now been further documented Read the rest of this entry »

Leave it to Roseanne…

February 23, 2008

roseannebarr.jpg…to tell it like it is.

From Rosanne Barr;

When I fly in an airplane I want the pilot with the most experience, not the one who can inspire hope in me that I get to where I am going. When I pay my taxes, I want the person filing them to be experienced, not the Read the rest of this entry »

And still more of the same…

February 20, 2008

Even though I dislike a lot about Obama, I would have always said he is a very intelligent man, now I’m beginning to wonder.  In addition to this video, and this video, there’s the below video…

Guess where Obama got his shtick?

February 19, 2008

This is even worse than the copycat passage seen earlier.  This is Obama’s entire platform, except it’s two years ago and it’s not Obama…

Not so new afterall…

February 18, 2008

Obama sounds remarkably like his friend Gov. Deval…

Meanwhile, grasping for straws, Obama points to a Read the rest of this entry »

A purpose driven candidate?

February 12, 2008


As Barack Obama says, he stands for “change we can believe in,” a dynamic platform creeping into the rhetoric of many contenders, and notably shared by Republican Mit Romney.

As it turns out, standing for change without committing to much in particular (in public discourse) allows voters to give “change” any meaning they wish, and as evidenced by Obama’s support from groups with markedly Read the rest of this entry »