AgainstObama.wordpress.com is an attempt to counteract the fraudulent portrayal of Barack Obama which has been put forth by his campaign and largely sanctioned by the mainstream press.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I love this site! Thank you for creating it!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Thanks Leslie, we like comments like that as opposed to the death threats we usually receive! ; )

  3. Courtney says:

    This website is a refreshing, informative, and amusing collection of the TRUTHS about Obama. His obsessed fans think he’s holy, but the truth is he’s “just another politician” – and a liar, a fraud, and a scam artist to the gullible population. Everyone knows there are no clean politics in Illinois, especially from this guy! (Yes, I live in a sub of Chicago and know this firsthand.) Thank you so much for making this blog!

  4. Leslie says:

    I have forwarded this site and have posted it on numerous message boards. I think that it really reveals what this country is in for if Obama gets the nomination.

  5. Leonard says:

    Oh god, You guys are using facts and figures to evaluate a candidate based on merit! The media says you can’t do that. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! For a second I thought I was the last sane younger person left! “In a Democracy dissent is an act of Faith.” you are helping to restore mine. let me know if I can help.

  6. amber says:

    I just read your post on “Why I Support Obama” and I thought you did a great job articulating your views. Personally I don’t agree with you that “Obama clearly has the least concern about equal rights for our GLBT friends,” and I’d argue that it cannot be totally clear because many gays (myself included) think that he is the stronger candidate on this issue.

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Many of us feel Obama made his level of concern about his GLBT constituents quite clear when he chose to share the stage with homophobic hatemongerers, despite protests from the GLBT community. It’s yet another example of Obama saying the right thing and doing the wrong thing.
    Read- https://againstobama.wordpress.com/2008/02/17/more-on-obamas-winks-and-nods-to-homophobes/

  8. Mary says:

    I love this website. I now read it every day for new information as the mainstream media is so biased against Hillary. There are frequent commentators like Clarence Page or Margaret Carlson invited to be on shows to express neutral opinions, when they are either pro-Obama or anti-Clinton. I worry about this election as we really need a workhorse not a showhorse in the white house.

  9. canuckgal says:

    I am Canadian, and even up here, I can see the forest for the trees.. I respect Hillary Clinton as a hard-working, passionate, intelligent, and capable woman.

    On the topic of health care especially:

    For Barack to accuse Hillary of “copying” elements of his health plan and putting them in her own, well.. an analogy that comes to mind is that Barack comes off as a fool, trying to compare a cheap rhinestone (his plan) to a diamond (Hillary’s plan).

    Barack’s plan is so obviously vague and unsubstantial – how will anyone be able to hold him to his health care promises when he doesn’t actually substantially define the most important elements! What does affordability mean? He doesn’t define it!

    The most bizarre thing to me (as a female, and as a resident in a country where universal health care has long been mandated and affordable) is that I don’t understand why no one seems to have picked up on the logical fallacies of Obama’s plan and the unfair discrimination that will result from his plan.

    To selectively mandate coverage for children is not only flawed logic, it WILL result in discrimination against parents, single-income families, and single parents. The VAST majority of single parents are WOMEN.
    Obama’s plan gets specific enough to dictate that coverage for children will be enforced from birth – starting at the hospital, forcing enrollment at a time that is stressful enough already.
    Where he isn’t specific is when he describes what will happen to the parents (or parent) who cannot afford his “affordable” coverage. While he talks about the availability of Medicaid and vaguely describes “Federal subsidies”, he does not describe what will happen to those who don’t qualify for Medicaid OR subsidies, OR what “affordability” will be defined by.
    In other words, parents who cannot afford insurance but do not qualify for assistance WILL be forced to spend money on insurance for their child/ren, yet the rest of their peers and population will continue to have choice in where their income goes.

    The question I have, at such an illogical and Draconian plan, is this:
    In America, is it only CHILDREN who receive the benefit of HEALTH CARE SERVICES???(!!!) To enforce selective coverage makes no sense!

    Another thing – in the case of single parents, does Obama’s plan include enforcement to ensure that the absent parent pays for 50% of the health insurance of the child?

    The only way GENUINE universal health care can work is within a framework of shared responsibilities, where each role and responsibility is clearly defined.

    I just don’t get how blind the public seems to be when it comes to really looking and comparing one of the most publicized (and apparently important!) issues.

    This goes double for the irresponsible media coverage that seems almost cult-ish in the way it is favouring Barack Obama. I thought Americans didn’t want another George W. (didn’t he control the media too?).

    Thank you for your common sense site (and please forgive my little rant! :o)

    Cheers, and best of luck to those who support Hillary!



  10. Rick & Sydney says:

    Man you arrived just in the nick of time.

  11. Rick & Sydney says:

    @amber: You gotta do better research. He won’t be photographed with the gay SF mayor? He takes a right wing ‘converted’ gay on the campaign trail with him in SC? Get a clue: this charlatan will ‘support’ any issue if it gets him votes. He won’t do anything for you but he’ll try his best to not alienate you. This man stands for NOTHING. For goodness sake see through him now before it’s too late. He’s a bigger crook than your infamous Nixon. Seriously: this person is a lot worse than most people imagined and most people have a good imagination. You gotta do better research.

  12. You are purely a propaganda machine. And if you doubt that sentence for even a second, just do some research on that video you’ve just posted. I know you didn’t make it, But it is entirely unfounded, distorts the words of the man to make them sound worse and you really need to do some, perhaps any, research on the contrary before you can start fighting it.

  13. Jeffrey says:

    Dear Mr. Blanklife,

    Actually we have to disagree. If anything that video makes him look better than he is because it doesn’t actually play the clips from Mr. Deval and Mr. Edwrds, both run by David Axelrod, repeating, or should I say, “prepeating” the words Obama has become so well known for. the fact is, Obama has not had one meeting since becoming chair of this committee, and that is inexcusable considering the role of NATO in Afghanistan. Running for president does not mean you get a pass to shirk your duties as senator. This is a pattern of Obama’s though, he has not shown up for a number of key votes in the Senate, and then had the gaul to criticize others for their vote. You sir, need to do some, perhaps any, research on the contrary before you start fighting it.

  14. austin4hillary says:

    Love the site. Help me go to http://www.Austin4hilary.wordpress.com. Leave a comment I will keep in touch.

  15. canuckgal says:

    Liar, Liar..

    More proof of Obama rhetoric and lies with respect to the “secret talks” between Obama’s Chief Economics Adviser and the Consul General and Trade Commissioner for Canada.. Obama’s guy (Goolsbee) tells our guy (Rioux) not to worry about Obama’s threatening posture on NAFTA, that it is “just campaign rhetoric”.

    Initial Response:

    Denials – from Obama himself (and from the Canadian embassy).

    Proof in the pudding:

    The formerly anonymous sources are named by CTV, who did not appreciate Obama calling them liars. Both sources refuse to “confirm or deny” the report. To repeat – Rioux and Goolsbee do not confirm or DENY the meeting/conversation/words took place. They do not confirm or deny speaking about NAFTA.

    Deja Vu?:

    Obama ignores the issue, and refuses to address the discrepancies. Either CTV is lying (in which case, why would Obama NOT want to clear the issue up?) or Obama is. Pretty simple to clear up, but in usual Obama style, he arrogantly refuses to accept accountability. Accountability in this case is getting to the bottom of the allegations and PROVING the truth in an open, transparent manner and providing results that are objectively verifiable as accurate.

    Burden of proof?:

    Reverse Onus here, Obama can have no good reason to remain silent when CTV has provided the names of the sources and made available the timeline of events.







  16. bolsonon says:

    Other opinion and observation on Barack Obama and Decision 2008: http://bolsonon.wordpress.com

  17. Diane says:

    We all know how GW Bush doesn’t need to listen to his advisors because “G_d speaks to him.” Well, it appears that BOBO doesn’t even need that much; after all, he IS G_d, right?

    There is a wonderful article posted by Joe Wilson (yes, THAT Joe Wilson, husband of Valerie Plame) on the Huffington Post which I feel is an absolute MUST READ:


    Incidentally, out of curiosity I went to the Congressional Record website and took a brief look at Mr. Obama’s voting record in the U. S. Senate; OVER 80% OF THE TIME HE WAS LISTED AS “NOT VOTING.” Anyone can go there and confirm that Mr. Obama’s apparent attendance record in the Sentate has been atrocious (in his own words, because he’s been ‘too busy running for President’ and, I guess, prior to that he was ‘too busy’ writing his book) and his “voting record” practically non-existent; in fact, he voted on SO few proposals that I have to seriously question how anyone can even begin to characterize him at all – except maybe as a disingenuous, phony opportunist who refuses commit himself to much of anything!

    I just hope that Hillary doesn’t make the mistake of choosing him as her Vice Presidential running mate; he certainly would never give her the time of day, and the last thing she needs is some treacherous, manipulative egomaniac who will only be out for himself!

  18. Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for helping to debunk the Obama myth! As a feminist and an activist I have been very dismayed by so many allegedly independent thinkers falling for Obama’s empty rhetoric and the horrible, tired misogynistic hatred for Hillary Clinton that the right wing and the press colluded to create over the years. THANK YOU FOR BEING REASONABLE!!!

  19. Rebecca says:

    It would be great if you could get the mainstream press to spend more time reporting on issues raised on your website about Mr Obama! For a short while they were interested and now it’s back to the same blind praise of him. I’ve seen some of these issues mentioned here and there but not with the kind of attention that they deserve. I particularly like Matt Gonzales’ analysis of his voting record versus what Mr Obama says on the campaign trail. The overall impression I’ve gotten despite all the praise for him in the media, is that Mr Obama has made political choices to win favor with unscrupulous characters (including companies) and has otherwise been rather ineffectual. I guess when you build yourself up to be so high and mighty but eventually turn out to be only human, it can be extra disappointing- expectations are huge. I refuse to go on this trip with Mr. Obama. It’s time to get real and to let the country know the real Mr Obama so we can all be at the point where he is only human and judge him on that.

  20. snitchell says:

    love the blog…looks a little like mine-which I just started. The guy is a complete fraud. Anyone living in Chicago knows this…keep doing the good work I will do the same.


  21. sportsone234 says:

    I’m so happy I’ve found this site. On more than one occasion, I’ve felt like a lone voice out in the hinterlands.

    I support Hillary, not because she’s the perfect candidate, but because I believe she will clean up the mess Bush and his cronies have made. I started off as an Edwards supporter. When he dropped out, I did look at Obama, but it soon became clear this man believes in “situational ethics” and lacks the kind of courage this country desperately needs heading into the future. Any man who votes “PRESENT” over a 100 times, rather than “yes” or “no” for the record is not deserving of my vote.

    Please check out my blog and latest thoughts on Obama.


  22. Sa says:

    finally a site that makes sense

    have you considered adding a section/petition for all the hillary supporters who refuse to vote for obama in fall if he is the nominee to put their name/comments.

    If that number gets high (which I suspect it will if word gets out), it might make the media and everyone else pay some real attention to the fact that there are several clinton supporters that will never vote for him.

  23. Women Vote NO BHO says:

    I am a Clinton supporter who refuses to vote for Obama. I will not give another dime to the DNC either. The DNC good ol’ boys and the wonderful “fatal attraction” Media made sure Hillary would not win. It’s the typical glass ceiling and YES I will be sending a message to the DNC come this fall. I will be voting Republican. To hell with Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy and all the sexist DNC pigs.

    It’s shameful that the DNC put Obama on the ticket. Who in their right mind would consider anyone (male or female) with a two year old resume to run a Billion dollar company. Nobody! The fact that they chose this guy over a solid female candidate just goes to show that nothing has changed — and sexism is still alive and well.

    “Yes we can” — and they have snobbed women’s rights, intelligence and respect as equal members of this society and in politics. Women of this country need to join together and make a stand. Send a clear vote against Obama come this fall. I know myself and about 22 other female friends plan to.

  24. sportsone234 says:

    I’m sorry you are giving up. I’ve visited your site many times. HRC didn’t make it, but the fight has just begun. We can’t let Obama and his brand of politics rule this country for the next eight years.

    Please reconsider!

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