Obama’s Lie of the Day: I won Michigan!

Obama’s lies are so brazen it’s just unbelievable.  Perhaps more unbelievable is how the media continues to ignore them.

This morning on The Today Show, Obama claimed that he won Michigan, a state where he wasn’t even on the ballot.  Maybe he’s just delusional….

GREGORY: But Senator you have not demonstrated that you can decisively put the nomination away. You have also not demonstrated that you can win some of the big states that’ll be important in a general election. California, New York, Ohio.

OBAMA: Well David we’ve won Michigan and Georgia and Illinois and Missouri. We’ve won twice as many states as Senator Clinton. We have more of the popular vote. We’ve won more primaries, more caucuses. Keep in mind what’s happened here. We have won decisively in a whole number of states and you know Senator Clinton and her campaign have tended to cherry pick which states they think are important. But the bottom line is, is that we are in a very strong position. Senator Clinton barely dented the delegate count yesterday. We are going on to Mississippi and Wyoming where we feel confident that we can do well. And this process is gonna ultimately be about who’s got the most delegates and we think we’ll be in that position.


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