Come on Obama, have you no sense of humor?

20070822obama.jpgIt’s becoming more and more well known that Obama has practically cut himself off from the press, having nearly no unscripted contact with reporters.   And now it seems that when he does give his adoring press corps a moment to bask in his glow, he can’t even take a joke…

From ABC news;

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: Barack Obama came to the press part of the plane for the first time since the airing of the now infamous “Saturday Night Live” last weekend featuring a parody of himself and Sen. Hillary Clinton. In the skit, members of the press corps ask Obama if he’s comfortable, a joke touching on the criticisms that the press is too easy on him.

The pillow talk made a reemergence during Obama’s trip to the back of the press plane on the flight from Dallas to Austin, Texas.

Obama, greeting reporters, was handed a small white airline pillow by The Washington Times’ Christina Bellantoni. “Would you like a pillow?” she asked.

Obama’s reaction was zilch, nada, nothing. He took the pillow — but not the bait. He handed the pillow back discreetly with no reaction.

The senator shook a few print reporters’ hands -– told a few bloggers he doesn’t read blogs –- and then headed to the back of the plane -– a part he dubbed “the fun part of the plane” -– where the photographers sit.

An Obama staffer quickly ushered the candidate back to his portion of the plane as it was time to land –- and before any more questions, or pillows, came his way.

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