Present, Present, Present, Present, Present, Present…


Remember when Hillary Clinton pointed out Barack’s numerous present votes (rather than taking a stand) on abortion? As always, Barack had an excuse; the allegations against him are never really false, you see, there’s always a “reason.” He claimed that it was part of a strategy to protect lawmakers in conservative districts, and that he was actually supporting abortion rights by not taking a position on the many bills.

At the time I thought, that just doesn’t make sense. Obama’s district is a democratic stronghold, there is no reason for him need to dodge the issue. Also, what good is a strategy that keeps a lawmaker in office if he or she cannot vote for or against important legislation? But Barack put out this video…

I still didn’t buy it, I thought there must be some favors owed here somewhere, but the media bought it, and there was really no reason for them to push it any further as that would not serve their narrative.

Now comes some some new information. Bonnie Grabenhofer, the current IL NOW State Presiden, has this to say;

I thought I’d take a moment to try to add some clarity to the anti-choice Present votes in IL.

Lorna Brett was president of CNOW from 1996-1998. She was not president at the time we were lobbying on these bills. Five of those votes occurred in the 92nd General Assembly session in 2001. NOW records indicate that she hasn’t been a member since 1999. She was not there when we were lobbying against these bills. She is using her very old affiliation with NOW to try to validate her criticism of Hillary Clinton.

Voting Present on those bills was a strategy that Illinois NOW did not support. We made it clear at the time that we disagreed with the strategy. We wanted legislators to take a stand against the awful anti-choice bills being put forth. Voting Present doesn’t provide a platform from which to show leadership and say with conviction that we support a woman’s right to choose and these bills are unacceptable.

The Present strategy was devised to give political cover to legislators in conservative districts. Barack Obama did not represent a conservative district; he could have voted No with very little negative consequence in his district.

– Bonnie Grabenhofer
IL NOW State President

That makes a lot more sense. Too bad the media doesn’t report it…

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