Factcheck.org on Texas Debate


The last Obama-Clinton debate drew little blood, but we noted a few factual claims that could use correcting or clarifying:

  • Clinton wrongly implied that Obama had little or no accomplishments to his credit. Obama recited a list of achievements at both the state and federal level, which we found to be accurate. Obama used an outdated and probably inflated figure to support his argument that Clinton’s “mandated” health care plan would exempt a large number who currently lack insurance. Obama falsely claimed, again, that Bill Clinton’s labor secretary said his health care plan reduced costs more than his opponent’s. As he did in last night’s debate also Obama said “we have seen hate crimes skyrocket” because of the immigration debate. Actually, FBI figures show a 10.3 percent increase in anti-Hispanic incidents, and the most recent number is lower than it was in 2001.
  • Clinton said children of illegal immigrants, and even babies, have been left “with no one to take care of them” after workplace raids by immigration officials. But officials say news accounts have been overblown, and an independent report says persons apprehended in raids sometimes failed to tell officials about their children even when questioned.

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