HRC calls Obama out on his disgusting rovian smear tactics.

The media refuses to point out that for all his talk of wanting to get away from “politics as usual” Obama has been its biggest supporter. Throughout this campaign Obama has levied false charges against Clinton, using tactics that can only be compared to those used by Karl Rove against democrats during the last two elections. He has lied about his own record, and lied about Hillary’s.

His attacks on her healthcare plan are exact replicas of those used against Hillary during her first attempt at achieving universal healthcare. Universal healthcare should be something all democrats want to achieve, but Obama has betrayed us not only by refusing to champion the cause himself, but by vilifying those that do. See here and here and here.

His portrayal of Hillary’s view on NAFTA and how it differs from his own is patently false. See here and here and here.

Obama responds in a typically condescending fashion, referring to Clinton’s criticism as her “getting exercised” and claiming that he has been falsely attacked by her campaign for months. What are these false attacks Obama? That your position on Iraq has been, at best, completely inconsistent? No that’s true. That your healthcare plan would leave 15 million people uninsured? No, if anything that’s a conservative estimate. That you tend to “borrow” paragraphs and entire campaign themes from other candidates? No, that’s most certainly true.

It’s this type of malicious dishonesty that has become Obama’s calling card, and makes a great many diehard democrats realize that this is not a man they can vote for in November. If Obama wins the nomination by carpet bombing the electorate with falsehoods, there will be a lot of democrats who have no party to support in the upcoming presidential election.


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