NY Times front page article finally examines one of Obama’s many lies…

a_bomb2.jpgThough it’s several months too late, at least it’s here. The NY Times article examines Obama’s contention, which he heavily campaigned on in Iowa, that he passed a bill in Senate to require all plant owners to notify state and local authorities immediately of even small leaks. I remember being skeptical at the time, considering his numerous financial ties to the Nuclear industry, and his past demonstration that he would do what is best for the Nuclear Industry over his constituents. I looked up the bill he discussed and saw that it had never passed, that he was lying again. Did this get covered in the press? No of course not.

This is typical Obama behavior. He makes a bunch of public speeches chastising an industry, makes a show on the Senate floor, then takes no action, or action that ultimately amounts to a charade. That way everyone is happy. He can appear to fight the good fight while winning accolades from some of the most environmentally degrading industries in America. Tell us again, Obama, Where is the change?

Here’s the article.


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