Obamaphiles are so scary…

February 18, 2008

cam.gifIf Obama doesn’t win this, I’m betting his plan b is to setup shop in Guyana. Koolaid anyone?



Not so new afterall…

February 18, 2008

Obama sounds remarkably like his friend Gov. Deval…

Meanwhile, grasping for straws, Obama points to a Read the rest of this entry »

In their own words: IRAQ

February 18, 2008

wirq26.jpg In my OPINION (backed up by the quotes below which are drawn directly and completely from the candidates websites), Hillary’s plan for a high level U.N appointed representative to broker peace, a feasable timetable (60 days) and a more comprehensive (or at least, more clearly articulate) package for Veteran’s is stronger than Obama’s. Please read, research and decide for Read the rest of this entry »