More on Obama’s winks and nods to homophobes.

February 17, 2008

400394507_a374d29cd5.jpgThese are the views of several journalists, authors, and activists for gay and lesbian rights regarding Obama.

Salon on Obama’s Homophobic Buddy

Posted by on October 26 at 14:07 PM

Sen. Barack Obama’s decision to tour South Carolina with gospel entertainer Donnie McClurkin, a self-proclaimed “former homosexual” who believes it is his mission to turn gays straight, suggests that Obama can’t live without the support of the homophobic contingent of the black community and the black church in particular. But African-American politicians have already proved that black support is not contingent on homophobia.What a horrifying concept. Is that what Obama is really saying, that black support is contingent on homophobia? Wow. If a white candidate had made that assertion… Read the rest of this entry »