Hillary Response to Obama’s Wisconsin Ad

Clinton Campaign Responds to New Obama Ad in Wisconsin

The Clinton campaign today released the following response to the new Obama campaign TV ad currently being aired in Wisconsin:

“This ad makes clear why Sen. Obama doesn’t want to have a one-on-one debate with Sen. Clinton in Wisconsin,” Kathleen Falk, Dane County Executive said. “He doesn’t want people to know that his health care plan leaves 15 million people out. He doesn’t want people to know that Sen. Clinton’s plan cuts health care costs more aggressively. And he certainly doesn’t want people to know that the most authoritative source he can find to validate his housing plan is a story quoting his own campaign.”

Fact Check: Sen. Obama’s Inaccurate Debate Ad

After 18 debates, with two more coming, Hillary says Barack Obama is ducking debates? It’s the same old politics, of phony charges and false attacks.

FACT: There has been only one one-on-one debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. [CNN, 1/31/08]

On health care, even Bill Clinton’s own Labor Secretary says Obama covers more people than Hillary

[On Screen: Obama covers “more people than Hillary”– Robert Reich Clinton Labor Secretary]

FACT: Health Care experts agree, Obama’s plan leaves at least 15 million people out.

Concord Monitor: ‘Gruber estimated that 15 million people would remain uninsured under Obama’s plan.’ “Jonathan Gruber, a health economist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who worked on the Massachusetts plan, said a mandate means “the difference between universal or near-universal coverage. Obama would have a large expansion, better than anything the Republicans have, but not universal coverage,” Gruber said. “You can’t get it without a mandate; it’s just not possible.” Gruber estimated that 15 million people would remain uninsured under Obama’s plan.” [Concord Monitor, 12/26/07]

Len Nichols, Jonathan Gruber and Mark Pauly: ‘even with other cost saving measures and a child mandate, we think that it is very likely that a least 15 million American would remain uninsured.’ “Recent estimates suggest that a plan with uniform generous subsidies but without a mandate would cover no more than one-half of the uninsured in the U.S. Even with other cost-saving measures and a child mandate, we think that it is very likely that at least 15 million Americans would remain uninsured.” [New America Foundation Policy Brief, 12/06/07]

Jonathan Holohan of the Urban Institute: ‘Obama would still leave about 22 million, 23 million, but he has a mandate for children, about 9 million uninsured kids, so assuming you get most of them, you get pretty close to 15 million.’ [New Republic, 12/03/07]

Wall Street Journal: ‘Mrs. Clinton charges that Mr. Obama’s plan would leave 15 million people without insurance. Outside experts agree that number is in the ballpark.’ [Wall Street Journal, 12/04/07]

Washington Post: ‘The Obama plan could leave a third of those currently uninsured lacking coverage.’ [Washington Post, 6/9/07]

…and does more to cut costs, saving $2,500 for the typical family.

[On Screen: Saves $2500 for a typical family– BarackObama.com]

FACT: Hillary’s plan does everything Obama’s plan does to cut costs, plus more. [Fact Hub, 11/25/07]

Obama’s housing plan, it stems foreclosures and cracks down on crooked lenders

[On Screen: Obama’s housing plan “stems foreclosures” AP, 1/14/08]

FACT: The actual source for the assertion that the Obama plan will ‘stem the foreclosure crisis’ is not the AP but their own campaign. “Barack Obama yesterday unveiled an economic stimulus package costing up to $120 billion that his campaign said would put money in the hands of workers and seniors, stem the foreclosure crisis, and cover state budget shortfalls.” [AP, 1/14/08]

That’s change we can believe in.

I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

Previous advertisements by the Obama campaign were also criticized as inaccurate by the media.

Watch the ad here: http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/debate_ad

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