The Short Change Candidate.

toon072607c.gifA good intro article on the Obama myth.


With Super Tuesday scheduled two days from now, I am listing information that many of his supporters should know before they go out to vote. Here we go

1. When a leading supporter of Obama laid off more than 1600 employees in Illinois, Obama made only half hearted attempts to prevent the layoffs. So much so that this prompted the Union supporting the workers to endorse Clinton.

2. Barack Obama’s response to a nuclear leak in Illinois was nothing more than a ‘scolding’ as he failed to pass a resolution tightening rules related to nuclear leaks. This nuclear leak was from a plant owned by Exelon. Coincidentally, executives and employees of Exelon have contributed more than $227,000 to Obama’s campaigns. Additionally, David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist for many years has worked as a consultant to Exelon.

3. Obama has shown an inability to take a strong stand on the issue of supporting the Coal industry in Illinois. He seems to suggest that his stand demonstrates his understanding of both sides of the story. However, this has helped neither

4. Obama like other politicians is inconsistent-

a. He supported decriminalisaton for marijuana possession and use, then opposed it and now supports it again.

b. He supported benefits for illegal aliens and now opposes it

c. On Cuba, he supported a move remove the embargo, now he is ambiguous

d. He supported a single payer universal healthcare plan but recently says he does not

e. Today he says he supports gun ownership but a decade ago he was a strong opponent of gun ownership

f. For more examples of his inconsistency, see the following links:

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