Obama Loses BIGTIME in Florida!

democrats_florida_primary.jpgOf course, he doesn’t want the public to believe that, and as usual, the mainstream media is more than willing to sing his tune.

In his typical George W Bush style, Barack Obama has smugly dismissed the millions of votes cast in tonight’s Florida democratic primary. This dismissive attitude hearkens back to his attempt to frame himself as the winner in Nevada due to having gained one delegate more than Clinton, despite Clinton’s clear win with the majority of the votes. In eight years W hasn’t been able to convince us that delegates are more important than the votes of individual citizens, and neither will Barack Obama.

In the face of his crushing defeat in Florida, Obama claimed that Florida didn’t matter because there are no delegates being awarded, and no campaigning took place there. He explained away Hillary’s victory by pointing to name recognition, and even chastised her for stepping foot in Florida on the day of the vote to celebrate her dramatic victory.

Poor Barack seems to be very forgetful when it comes to inconvenient facts, as he has shown time and again. He forgets that he is the only one of the Democrats to have broken their vow not to campaign in Florida by running multiple television advertisements in the state. He seems not to notice that the name Barack Obama has been repeated by his frenzied disciples in the media approximately every 22 seconds since he gave a speech in 2004. He forgets that there have been a number of debates, in which he was certainly a participant, perhaps not a very good one, but still, he was there, and that every single one of these debates, yes all of them, were televised in Florida.

He seems to ignore the grassroots campaign waged by the supporters of all three democratic candidates in Florida, a slap in the face not just to those citizens that volunteered in support of Clinton and Edwards, but the thousands of volunteers that supported him in Florida. I guess if they didn’t do well enough to allow him to stand before a crowd of Obama-zombies as he yells a series of empty words and phrases in a suddenly found fake accent, well then they don’t deserve his gratitude.

What the Florida democratic primary was, is what all elections should be in America; an election without all the misleading, worthless, trashy advertisements (well, except for the rule-breaking Obama ads over the last week). This was an election where people decided based on the candidates words and actions, in the debates, in print, and in the media (however slanted it may be). Instead of denigrating the Florida election, Obama should be celebrating it. Isn’t he all about change and hope and grass roots efforts? Or is his reaction to Florida, along with his having outspent every other candidate by millions in every state thus far, more reflective of the real Obama, the Obama that says one thing and does another.

Millions of Democrats turned out to vote today in Florida, possibly more than in any previous Florida democratic primary. To these people, Florida mattered. They should be commended for voting in such numbers without being badgered by the typical barrage of wasted campaign dollars (again except for Obama’s dollars). It’s definitely telling that 50% of these voters chose Hillary Clinton, a double digit margin of victory over Obama’s 33%. You go girl.


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