The Blind Leading the Dazzled…

January 31, 2008

obamara.jpgNews today of another endorsement for Barack Obama, this one perhaps more succinctly pointing out the dichotomy between the idea of a President Obama and the reality of one. The NY Post’s editorial board endorsed Obama today in a bombastic piece that devoted more column inches to the alleged negatives of a Clinton presidency than to the benefits of an Obama one. Granted, the Post is the closest thing in the legitimate US press to a true British tabloid, but still, let’s go point by point, shall we?


Florida Update..

January 31, 2008

It turns out that not only did Obama break the rules against campaigning in Florida by running television ads, but he also spoke with reporters after Read the rest of this entry »

Homophobic Obama

January 31, 2008

superman.jpgIn just one example of Barack’s homophobic inclinations (oh there’s lots more to come), the below video from one of the democratic debates highlights Obama’s fear of Read the rest of this entry »

Camelot? Camelot not!

January 30, 2008


As a family, the Kennedys of Massachusetts have captured America’s imagination for over 100 years. Who among us does not have an instant image in our mind’s eye of one or more defining Kennedy moments? The Kennedy Nixon debate of 1960, with the razor sharp, handsome young JFK soundly drubbing his sweaty, twitchy rival Richard Nixon. Inauguration Day, with Robert Frost’s poignant words, and Kennedy’s too. Little John-John, playing under a desk, at the feet of the leader of the free world, pretty Caroline on a pony, smiling young men sailing at Hyannis Port. The images are lovely, moving; glimpses of a young, beautiful family at ease in its wealth, power, and relevance. These little snapshots are all the more evocative for their shocking, teary-eyed conclusion: a car on a plaza, a gun in a window, a woman scrambling across the trunk of a car. The nation sat riveted for those infamous four days in November watching new images of the once smiling Kennedy boys, shoulders bowed with sadness; seeing those laughing children newly somber.

November 22, 1963 has often been called the day that America lost its innocence, and maybe it was. More likely, Read the rest of this entry »

A Letter to John Edwards

January 30, 2008

Dear Mr. Edwards,

We read with dismay the news that you would be leaving the race for the democratic presidential nomination. We understand your decision however, in light of today’s Read the rest of this entry »

Obama Loses BIGTIME in Florida!

January 30, 2008

democrats_florida_primary.jpgOf course, he doesn’t want the public to believe that, and as usual, the mainstream media is more than willing to sing his tune.

In his typical George W Bush style, Barack Obama has smugly dismissed the millions of votes cast in tonight’s Florida democratic primary. This dismissive attitude hearkens back to his attempt to frame himself as the winner in Nevada due to having gained one delegate more than Clinton, despite Clinton’s clear win with the majority of the votes. In eight years W hasn’t been able to convince us that delegates are more important than the votes of individual citizens, and neither will Barack Obama.

In the face of his crushing defeat in Florida, Obama claimed that Florida didn’t matter because Read the rest of this entry »